Author: Brean E. Prefontaine

  • Brean E. Prefontaine

    Brean E. Prefontaine, Research Associate at Horizon Research, Inc. (HRI), received a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Drexel University. She received both her Master’s Degree and Ph.D. in Physics from Michigan State University. Her Ph.D. research is centered around physics identity development within informal education environments, with a particular focus on underrepresented populations in physics. At HRI, Dr. Prefontaine has previously been a part of the research team for Next Generation Physical Science and Everyday Thinking Faculty Online Learning Community (Next Gen PET FOLC) project and the Science and Integrated Language Plus Computational Thinking and Modeling with English Learners (SAIL+CTM with ELs) project. She was also involved in the evaluation for the Imagining the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education Symposium. Currently, Dr. Prefontaine is involved in the evaluations of the AI Institute for Research on Trustworthy AI in Weather, Climate, and Coastal Oceanography (AI2ES), Museum- and School- Based Teacher Residency Program at American Museum of Natural History, and the Roundtable on Systemic Change in Undergraduate STEM Education. She is also involved with the evaluation of the NASA-funded Aerokats and Rover Education Network.