Author: Courtney L. Plumley

  • Courtney L. Plumley

    Courtney L. Plumley, Senior Researcher at Horizon Research, Inc. (HRI), received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master of Education degree from North Carolina State University. Prior to coming to HRI in 2009, she taught at the elementary level and worked as a Geosciences editor for a higher education textbook publisher. Currently, Ms. Plumley serves on the research teams for the Peers Engaged as Resources for Learning (PEARL) and the All Included in Mathematics (Project AIM) studies. Additionally, Ms. Plumley is involved in the evaluations of the Collaborative Partnership to Teach Mathematical Reasoning through Computer Programming (CPR2), Synchronous Online Professional Learning Experiences for Middle Grades Mathematics Teachers in Rural Contexts (SyncOn), and the Think Math+C: Integrating Programming into a Comprehensive K–5 Mathematics Curriculum (TM+C) project.