Author: Lauren A. Harper

  • Lauren A. Harper

    Lauren A. Harper, Research Associate at Horizon Research, Inc. (HRI), received her Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology and Science Education from North Carolina State University as a NC Teaching Fellow. She also completed her Master of Education degree from NC State in STEM Education. Prior to joining HRI in 2022, she taught a variety of courses at the high school level, including chemistry, biology, Earth and environmental science, marine biology, and anatomy and physiology. She also instructed science in several informal settings such as the North Carolina Governor’s School, Duke Summer Science Sleuths, and the Sally Ride Family Foundation. At HRI, Lauren is currently a part of the research team for Science Teachers as Public Health Educators (PHEds) and Landscape Analysis: Field of K-12 Science Education. She is involved in evaluations of Building Educational Theory Through Enacting Reforms (BETTER) in STEM, Reducing Racial Prejudice by Fostering an Ontologically and Epistemologically Complex Understanding of Human Genetics Research (HGL2), Supporting Implementation of Modeling Instruction in Rural Schools (SIMIRS), Systemic Transformation of Education Through Evidence-Based Reforms (STEER), Extending and Investigating the Impact of the High School Model-Based Educational Resource (MBER), and Integrating Computational Thinking into the Insights Elementary Science Curriculum (ICT).