Supporting Implementation of Modeling Instruction in Rural Schools (SIMIRS)

Organization(s): North Carolina State University, The Science House
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
Program: DRK-12
HRI Role: Evaluation

Project Description
The overarching goal of “Supporting Implementation of Modeling Instruction in Rural Schools” (SIMIRS) is to generate knowledge about rural science teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and the professional supports needed as they implement modeling instruction, a research-based, NGSS-aligned pedagogical approach in which students create conceptual models and apply them to phenomena to promote understanding of scientific or mathematical principles. SIMIRS will include multiple cycles of design, implementation, research, and revision.

Evaluation Services
HRI’s evaluation centers on providing feedback on key design and development components of the project, including curriculum materials, professional development sessions, and educative mentoring. The evaluation will also focus on the rigor of project research efforts and quality of project outcomes.