Using Technology to Capture Classroom Interactions: The Design, Validation, and Dissemination of a Formative Assessment of Instr (UTCCI)

Organization: Texas State University
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
Program: DRK-12
HRI Role: Evaluation

Project Description
The Utilizing Technology to Capture Classroom Interactions (UTCCI) project is a partnership between mathematics educators and researchers from Texas State University, Portland State University, and Teachers Development Group (TDG). UTCCI builds on a series of previously funded initiatives, one of which studied impacts of a professional development model designed to support teachers in creating student-centered, productive mathematics classrooms. A product of that work was a classroom observation tool, called the Math Habits Tool (MHT). This paper tool was later translated to be tablet based software application. The application version allows users to quickly capture in-the-moment teaching routines, student engagement in mathematics habits of mind, and students’ habits of interaction. Findings from this previous study showed promise in the tool’s use as a means of formative assessment for teachers in K–8 mathematics instruction. UTCCI aims to refine, validate, and disseminate the MHT for widespread use by both researchers and practitioners in the field.

Evaluation Services
HRI’s evaluation includes giving feedback on the project’s research design, processes, and products.